1. Youth Basketball League: May -June 2024
  2. Dr. Kirk Stewart and Schmerya Samuels speak at our 2023 AGM
  3. Photo booth fun at our 2023 AGM
  4. 2nd Annual Rose Walk
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Our Programs

ETBA provides a variety of programs all year round in support of youths and
children from Sports to the arts and humanities with participants from elementary to high school level.


KEY – Knowledge Empower Youth programs are:

ETBA’s 3point Connection is about ETBA, parents and schools working together with young people in schools and homes that are having difficulties developing their social wellbeing. ETBA will use life skills training as an effective intervention. We will provide opportunities through collaborative opportunities with other organizations in the community to ensure that our participants develop the social skills from grade 7 to 12 for social wellbeing, self acceptance, self confidence for positive relationships.


RT – Acting Responsibly Together

Our goal is to open up an opportunity for youths to engage in various art forms by providing youth and their family with opportunities to attend arts and culture events, creating opportunities for members to attempt these various forms of expressions allowing them to discover their talents. Through partnership with organizations, our participants will be able to interact with people in the fields of arts, entertainment and culture.


Knowledge Café Program

Knowledge is a creative, innovative and hands-on program that will provide a safe space for youths to plan and implement after school activities. They will be able to voice their concerns, share their opinions and acquire knowledge about healthy living through expression of visual arts, fashion art, culinary arts, dance art and other humanities. This program will capture and redirect the attention of youth through the medium of arts and humanities to break the culture of dependency on information technology tools. They will be able gather information through activities to construct meaning in order to create their own knowledge.


Academic Tutoring Program

To assist students having difficulties in academic subjects either through referral or through in house after school tutoring. The focus is to help increase high School graduation and provide support for those entering Colleges and University


Sports Program

ETBA provides competitive and non-competitive basketball. Its been proven that the involvement of youth and children in sports activities have both physical and mental advantages. Being involved in organized structured sports activities teach teamwork and problem-solving skills that will be helpful for youth at home, school and in future careers. Through our sports program we are able to help young people develop techniques to deal with stress and pressure situations in their community. With our programs being organized and structured, the benefit of mentorship, coaching is achieved.


Competitive Basketball Programs

The competitive basketball program is about working with Middle and High school students who wish continue to compete beyond the High School Level. We believe there are non traditional methods of achieving excellence that can ultimately lead to a career in the future.


House League sports programs

ETBA provides sports for the budding or recreational youth who would like to just meet old and new friend and enjoy sports. Youth and children are provided a structure that allows them the flexibility as needed.


Summer Basketball Camps

The summer basketball camps are an affordable way for boys and girls ages 8-13 years old to be active during the summer.

Our Summer Camp employs youth from the community as camp counsellors. Our intent is to ensure that our young people have experience for future resume. Many former members attending College or University use this as a way of acquiring funds for school and becoming role models for the younger ones in the community.


Women in Sports

ETBA is committed to inspire girls and women to pursue leadership roles and instil the belief that they can be successful at all levels of their sport career. We are focused on engaging women in roles of administration, advocacy and coaching within sports. We hope to develop positive role models for the next generation of girls in sport.

ETBA will provide leadership and networking opportunities for girls through workshops and conferences