1. Youth Basketball League: May -June 2024
  2. Dr. Kirk Stewart and Schmerya Samuels speak at our 2023 AGM
  3. Photo booth fun at our 2023 AGM
  4. 2nd Annual Rose Walk
  5. Register for March Break Camp!

Cleveland Clunis


Cleveland Clunis, a dedicated leader with a passion for basketball and youth development, founded and led the ETBA organization for 25 years. Under his guidance, ETBA became a beacon of excellence, blending sportsmanship with valuable life lessons. Clunis’s visionary approach not only honed athletic skills but also instilled leadership qualities and fostered a sense of community among the youth. His enduring commitment to nurturing both talent and character has left an indelible mark on generations of young athletes, shaping a legacy of empowerment and success.